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A New Musical

In 1955, two women were arrested on Montgomery buses for violating segregation law. One went on to be called the Mother of the Civil Rights movement, her name taught to every American schoolchild as a symbol of the best of us. The other works as a nurse’s aid in the Bronx.

With its blues- and rock-infused score, MONTGOMERY puts you on the ground at the birth of the civil rights movement. When 15-year-old Claudette Colvin is arrested on a bus, Montgomery's civil rights leaders are breaking down her door, intent on using her case as the catalyst for a city-wide bus boycott. But is Claudette too young, poor, and too dark-skinned to unite the community in protest? When the mild-mannered, light-skinned Rosa Parks is arrested, the boycott is on, and Claudette all but forgotten – until a new court case gives her one more chance to make history.

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